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Student Self Service (Details)

Module Results and Progression and Awards Board Decisions

The module results will be available from Student Self-Service Banner ( Please contact your School office if your results are not available on time. The module results take account of mitigation claims which have been upheld by the relevant Faculty Mitigation Panel.

Decisions from the PABs will become available on the ‘Grades’ link within 5 days following approval by the relevant PAB.

Where the PAB decides that a student is eligible for a University award, this information will be confirmed by letter to the individual student.

Student Email Accounts (Details)

Throughout your time at UWS we need to let you know about important issues such as enrolment, examination timetables, assessment results and choosing your subjects.

When we talked to students about the best way to communicate, you told us that email should be used. So we’ll use your UWS student email address as the primary means of letting you know about these and other important matters.

As a UWS student you’re automatically allocated a student email address. It takes the format: [bannerid] For instructions on logging in, your password and how to forward emails from your University email to another email account visit:

Don’t miss out - use your student email account.

Accessing your student email account

  • go directly to
  • enter your Windows Live ID as your student email address
  • enter your password as uws followed by your date of birth
    (e.g. 24/1/80 = uws240180).

Now that you have a student email you can join the UWS Students Yammer network. get to know other students throughout the University immaterial of what course or what campus they are on:

  • go to
  • click Sign Up
  • enter your email address
  • You will be sent an email from Yammer. Once you have responded to it you will have access to the Yammer network for UWS students.
  • Now to join the rest of the academic community click Communities, Related Communities and JOIN UWSstudents. This is a shared community between students and staff.

UWS Library, new Open Athens login in method

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Routes for All

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