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Exam Timetables (Details)

Past Papers A-L (Details)

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folder ACCT
folder BIOL
folder BUSN
folder CEWM
folder CHEM
folder COMP
folder CRIM
folder ECON
folder EDAP
folder EDUC
folder ENGG
folder ENGL
folder FREN
folder GEOL
folder GERM
folder LANG
folder LAWW
folder LING
folder LLNG

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (Details)

Past Papers M - Z (Details)

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folder MARK
folder MATH
folder MEDI
folder MIDW
folder MUSC
folder NURS
folder PHYS
folder PLTC
folder PSYC
folder QUAL
folder SITS
folder SOCY
folder SPAN
folder SPOR
folder SQA
folder THEO
folder TOUR

changes to the Assessment Regs from 2015/16

IN for S A4 Leaflet July 2015 eVersion.pdf

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Student Self-Service (Details)

Module Results and Progression and Awards Board Decisions

The module results will be available from Student Self-Service Banner ( Please contact your School office if your results are not available on time. The module results take account of mitigation claims which have been upheld by the relevant Faculty Mitigation Panel.

Decisions from the PABs will become available on the ‘Grades’ link within 5 days following approval by the relevant PAB.

Where the PAB decides that a student is eligible for a University award, this information will be confirmed by letter to the individual student.

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